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Additionally, there is always the chance that one of your vehicles will be stolen, vandalized, or damaged.  In any of these situations, your potential financial loss could be great.  To guard against such risks, you need auto insurance.  

Minimum coverage requirements for auto insurance are determined by local law and vary from state to state.  It's likely that you will be required to purchase some level of both bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage.  However, an automobile loan lender may require more.  

Collector Car 

We have a specialty company to write the special coverage you need for you collector car, tractor, motorcycle or truck.  Ask one of our agents about this very affordable policy.
Recreation Vehicles 

You spend a lot of money on those things that help you enjoy all that our beautiful outdoors has to offer.  Recreational vehicle insurance provides coverage for your snowmobile, motor home, boat, ATV, motorcycle, etc.  Unfortunately, there have been some serious accidents that have resulted in major injuries and in some cases, death.  We urge you to be sure that your insurance policy provides the necessary coverages.  In most cases, neither your automobile nor your homeowner's policy provides coverage for these recreational vehicles. 

You can get coverage for LIABILITY and PHYSICAL DAMAGE to the recreational vehicle.  There is also medical payments, towing and contents coverage.  Ask us about the many options to provide you with that peace of mind while relaxing in the great outdoors.

Every time you drive your vehicle, you are exposed to liability claims for personal injury or property damage due to an accident.

Auto Insurance